Evans Airfield Signs: AEROBRITE™

EAS AeroBrite is a state-of-the-art internally illuminated airfield sign, developed with a focus on maximum reliability and safe guidance of aircrafts around your runways.  The AeroBrite™ signs are designed to the highest quality standards required in today's airport environment. The AeroBrite™ product has a reputation for excellence and it is currently operating according to the latest standards in over 100 airports worldwide.

EAS’ new LED based signs have many advantages: environmentally friendly (long life, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs) and cost effective (low TCO, less replacement costs). The newly developed LED light source comes both in new signs as in a modular retrofit system, which will save existing investments in signs for many more years.

EAS AeroBrite is made of corrosion-resistant materials and has a design life of at least 25 years. The use of a glassfibre reinforced polyester housing forms the basis for highly durable signs that are virtually maintenance-free in normal operation. The signs are internally illuminated, using economic lighting technology designed specifically for airport power systems. All signs are designed and certified in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 and FAA AC 150/5345-44F specifications.

EAS’s NewLite™ Modular retrofit system is a complete solution and needs no extra components. The estimated time to replace an existing halogen or TLM solution is less than twenty minutes. After installation LED modules can be independently replaced with a simple click system if necessary. The quick snap-off/snap-on modular system allows fast replacement and guarantees very low maintenance cost in the event of individual LED failure.

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"AEROBRITE™ Airfield Signage" Product Sheet
  • AeroBrite™
  • NewLite™ Modular LED: Retrofitting system for existing airfield signs and taxiway guidance signs.
  • NewLite™ for ultimate reliability; optimal light spread according to ICAO and FAA standards.